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Regarding the "hot dogs eating the hot dogs" comment... this reminds me of the concession stand ads in the trailers at movie theatres. The concession foods are eating other concession foods, and I can't help but think, They are eating their own relatives.


Wow... just... wow. The levels of madness in this cup are beyond belief.

On the one hand, as a secular humanist, and a citizen of a subject state of the American Empire, there should be nothing for me to like here, except the hot dogs... and yet, like any great work of art, this piece speaks even to those who do not share the cultural trappings that birthed it.

This is crazy, and yet somehow inspiring. The only thing that would have made it more crazy and somehow even more great would have been a somber rendering of the WTC in the background, with the Ground Zero light show -- and possibly the holy star -- shining through them to show that the depiction was of the ghosts of the twin towers.


To complete the cup, the other wise men should be carrying an apple pie and a baseball. Merry Christmas to all!


FanTAStic. That simply could not be a better image. Well, maybe if US fighter jets were streaking across the sky and firworks were going off.


Awwww. Baby Jesus is not a hotdog? Mom is a hotdog. Dad is a hotdog. Everybody else got to be a hotdog. Awwww. This is just not fair.

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